R & D Team

ARANI R&D Team is led by highly qualified persons with proven capabilities who have worked with many global OEMs in the areas of design, development, manufacturing and trouble shooting of steam turbines. The Team also comprises of highly qualified young engineers with specialization in Thermal Engineering & Steam Turbine Engineering.


The capabilities of R&D team are:-
Demonstrated expertise with modern design methods like
  • Computational fluid dynamic analysis and Aero profile modeling codes for the development of high efficiency blade profiles and optimum steam flow path to improve Steam Turbine efficiency.
  • Mean line code for thermal design of Steam Turbine for given conditions and preparation of HMBD, consumption curve, Performance curves etc.
  • Finite element analysis for the calculation of natural frequencies and stresses in HP Casing, Bearing Pedestals, Base frame etc.
  • Analytical Strength calculation methods for the calculation of Blade root stresses, Disc stresses etc. and maintaining Safety margins to ensure integrity of the components at normal and abnormal operating conditions.
  • Rotor dynamic analysis for the calculation of critical speeds of Rotor Bearing system, Mode shapes, Unbalance response and Stability analysis to ensure very low vibration levels and stable operation even under severe operating conditions.
  • Torsional analysis and Short circuit analysis of total T.G Rotor system to calculate torsional natural frequencies and torsional stresses during short circuit conditions levels and accordingly sizing of the rotor system & selection of Couplings and there by preventing torsional failures.
  • Thermal analysis and Contact stress analysis of high pressure casing, valve chest etc. to ensure perfect contact between mating surfaces at all operating conditions and thereby preventing steam leakages.
  • Calculation of Blade natural frequencies and verification by CAMPBELL Diagram that Blades are not excited by Tangential , Axial or other high response modes at Rated Frequency and higher Hormonics and also Nozzle passing frequencies & Gear teeth meshing frequency. Also the Alternating stresses & Steady stresses are kept with in limits with the help of GOODMAN Diagram.
  • Calculation of low cycle fatigue, high cycle fatigue and creep to estimate and improve performance and life cycle of the Steam Turbine and associated equipment.
  • Solid modeling of components and complete Turbine to ensure adequate clearances between static and rotating parts, easy assembly and maintenance and generation of manufacturing Drawings.
  • Expertise in failure analysis and metallurgy of materials to continuously improve the designs.

  • Aero profile modeling codes & CFD analysis codes for developing highly efficient blade profiles and optimum steam flow path.
  • FEA codes & grid meshing codes for structural analysis.
  • Mean line code for Customized Thermal Design
  • Solid modeling codes for mechanical design and generation of 3D models of components, assemblies and drawings.
  • Rotor dynamic analysis codes for calculation of unbalance response, critical speeds & stability analysis.
  • Torsional analysis code for torsional & short circuit analysis.