Technical Board

K. Ch. Peraiah
Chairman, Technical Board

K. Ch. Peraiah
Mr.Peraiah is a very well known personality in Steam Turbines Plants in India and recognized all over for his significant contributions to the industry. With more than 32 years of experience in Steam Turbines and related power systems products In numerous prestigious organizations like M/S BHEL Hyderabad , M/S Triveni etc, Mr. Peraiah was involved in more than 500 Turbo Units projects and even today those are under smooth and reliable operation. He is an expert in Steam Turbines Design, Research and Development, Product Development, Manufacturing, Operation, Troubleshooting, Commissioning, RLA studies, Performance Evaluation, Re-engineering and Re-Powering. His designs and developments are extensively used as :

  • Cogeneration units in sugar, paper, textile, fertilizers, industries.
  • Capital Power Plants in steel, cement , Sponge Iron,fertilizer and refinery industries.
  • Combined Cycle Plants in gas based power plants.
  • Waste Heat recovery units in cement, fertilizer and refineries.
  • Compressor Drive Turbines in fertilizer Plants.
  • Independent power plants based on biomass.

Mr.Peraiah is trained at M/S Seimens,Germany on various technological aspects of Steam Turbines upto 120Mw capacity. His significant developments are
  1. New-Series steam turbines
  2. Low pressure twisted blading
  3. Patented axial exhaust hood

Dr. J. S. Rao - Member
Technical Board

Dr. J. S. Rao
Dr. J. S. Rao, a D .Sc., Ph. D and M. Tech from IIT, Kharagpur, is well known name in the power industry. Having more than 40 years of experience in various senior positions, he has been invloved in numerous scientific research on Vibrations, Turbomachine Blade Aero and Structural Dynamics, Rotor Dynamics, CFD, Life Estimation. He has made significant original contributions towards, research, education, R&D in the power industry. He authored a number of award-winning papers and books.

His recent industrial work include Significant contributions made to Gas Turbine Research Establishment in the LP compressor design, identifying the root causes of continued HP compressor blade failures over the last three years, and making further efforts to speed up the Kaveri design activities to make the engine for a Light Combat Aircraft.

Dr Rao played a key role in the arrangements for the visits of the Prime Minister and Ministers of State for Science and Technology e.g., in arranging four different meetings with US Scientists to meet the PM in 1985. Arising out of these meetings with Non Resident Scientists, Joint Scientific Groups of Indian Scientists in US and India were established in Microelectronics and Aeronautics. Such groups in Biotechnology, Computers and Materials are being established. These groups are playing a Key role in India, e.g., in Microelectronics, they are helping in identifying short and long term projects and goals in the process of electronification of India. Arising out of the activities with Indian Scientists in USA, a large number of export oriented US industries are set up in India, e.g., Texas Instruments, Commodore Computers, Data General, Indus Technologies etc. A data base of important Indian Scientists has been established.

Udai Singh- Member
Technical Board

Udai Singh
Professor Udai Singh is highly specialised in the field of 'aero thermal (including stress analysis)' engineering. He comes with a background in European industry and academia. His expertise in the development of steam and gas turbines is recognised internationally and has over thirty years experience in the development/application of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) tools for internal flows. He has over fifty publications related to the design of turbomachine components.

He has been associated with various leading Universities; Cambridge, VKI (Brussels), Cranfield, Leicester and De Montfort. He has worked with and acted as consultant to many manufacturers. Some of these are: GEC, ALSTOM, ABB, GE, MOD, TRIVENI, and QUEST. A few of the designs that he has been involved in are: wide chord fan and LP gas turbine, 20:1 axial compressor, 14 inches diameter centrifugal compressor, LP steam turbine stages, ranging from 12 to 60 inches.

He has developed several design tools for the design/analysis of internal flows. These methods are 'time accurate', capable of unsteady flow analysis with stator/rotor interaction effects. He has modified and developed these codes based on experimental/test data and thus through the understanding of the physics of the internal flow behaviour in turbomachines. In addition he has developed methods (design/analysis with wet steam losses) for two phase flow behaviours of low pressure steam turbines.