Repair & Replacement

1. Blades replacement:
  • Chronic failures of blades will be analyzed by experts through state of the art well established FE analysis and the design of the blades will be improved either in shape or size to mitigate stress related problems. Metallurgical improvements shall also be implemented
  • Eroded, corroded and pitted blades will be replaced by reverse engineering by bringing in appropriate improvements in metallurgy based on merits of the case
2. Repair and replacement of bladed rotors:
  • Rotor bends related repairs and balancing solutions shall be provided
  • Chronic problems with respect to rotor bearing system dynamics shall be analyzed and Repair of rotor journals by study of complete rotor-bearing interactions
  • New rotors with improved or identical blading with better metallurgy will be supplied
3. Repair & supply of bearings

4. Solving vibration problem and chronic problems by providing expert services for diagnostics and analysis

5. Solving hunting problems

6. Replacement of sealing systems and providing better engineering solution

7. Poor vacuum problems resolution

8. Appropriate enhancements in the rotors and bearings shall be offered

9. Generator rotor and stator repair and rewinds.