Customer Centric Prod Dev

ARANI Team has adopted a customer-centric approach to deliver customized solutions. ARANI products are developed as per customer needs. ARANI does continual improvement to upgrade the existing designs, enabling quick response to ever changing customer requirements to deliver reliable and efficient Steam Turbines.

ARANI has developed turbine models up to 60 MW, which will operate upto 125 ata steam inlet pressure and 535°C steam inlet temperature. We also developed the Turbines to run with vapor (Steam and Ammonia mixture) which are used in Kalina Cycle.

The entire product development process encompasses designing of:
  • Concept
  • Valve Body and ESV
  • HP and LP Casing
  • Flow Path
  • HP and LP Blades
  • Rotor dynamics
  • Control system
  • Auxiliary system development and automation
  • Automated Gland Sealing Systems
  • Vapor Turbines
  • Special Gland Sealing System